About Herman Miller

Herman Miller, Inc. is a revolutionary name in the office equipment and home furniture industry. It is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of innovative furniture for the home and the office that provides both excellent form and excellent function. The company runs one of the largest research and design centers for furniture innovations, and through their top-class products, is able to provide benefits and support for individuals and companies scattered throughout the world. Herman Miller products can now be found in countless countries all over the world.

Herman Miller has been around for 75 years, during which they worked intensively with excellent designers to come up with ideally and ergonomically designed furniture for use at home and in the office. The company has, by far, partnered with pioneering designers such as George Nelson, Gilbert Rohde, Charles Eames, as well as today's design leaders such as Ayse Birsel, Yves Behar, Daniel Korb, and Jerome Caruso. In the 75 years of the company's existence, they have also successfully marketed revolutionary furniture, especially chairs, that provide more than just their expected function but also highly beneficial ergonomic designs. Their products have made waves in the industry like how the widely popular Aeron Chair designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the Equa Chair, and the Eames Lounge Chair did. Herman Miller, Inc. also prides itself on how their products provide solutions for the usual problems met by consumers and companies when it comes to their furniture.

The company currently provides ergonomic office chairs, office cubicles, and other equipment for the workplace. However, when the company started business, its main focus was more on the production of home equipment though they also produced office furniture. Before the 1970s rolled along, Herman Miller finally switched their main focus to the business and corporate line of their products, discontinuing a lot of their home furniture products. However, in the 1980s, they were able to find a balance between the two promising markets, and is currently a leading provider of both office and home furniture, applying their unquestioned expertise in both areas.

Herman Miller, Inc. has a certain criteria when it comes to the overall value of the products they introduce to the market. The two main requirements are that their products should be both ergonomically and ecologically beneficial. All Herman Miller products are designed with the good of the user and the environment in mind. Their office chairs, for one thing, are created with sound ergonomic designs that prevent compounding back problems from affecting office workers who spend a great deal of time sitting on them. Their home chairs, for another, also provides sufficient comfort and promotes good posture. Aside from that, Herman Miller products are also designed with the use of an energy efficient manufacturing process as well as recycled and recyclable content and materials. Herman Miller partner designers also take into consideration the disassembly design of the furniture pieces. The Herman Miller factory, in fact, embodies the ecological principles that the company applies to its production. Herman Miller currently operates in the Greenhouse, a building that incorporates green design concepts and produces some of the best home and office furniture and equipment around.