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About Aeron Chair

Learn the history of Aeron chair and find out why the Aeron chair is one of the best ergomic chair around!

Aeron Chair Options

Learn about the two types of Aeron chair and options like color, caster, lumbar and more.

Difference between Basic and Highly-Adjustable Aeron Chair

Find out the difference between the Basic and Highly-Adjustable Aeron Chair.

Aeron Chair Sizes

Step-by-step guide to selecting the right Aeron chair size for you.

Aeron Chair Repair

Find out how to repair your broken Aeron chair.

Aeron Chair Warranty

An article explaining the Aeron chair warranty in details.

Aeron Chair Health Benefits

Find out all the health benefits of the Aeron chair.

About Herman Miller Inc.

The manufacturer of Aeron chair. Learn more about the history of Herman Miller Inc.

What is an ergonomic chair?

What exactly is an ergonomic chair? Learn all you need to know about ergonomic chair.