Aeron Chair Authorized Dealers

There's quite a few Aeron chair sellers online however most of them are NOT authorized dealers. If you're looking to buy a brand new Aeron chair it's definitely recommended that you buy it from an authorized dealer.

Why should I buy my Aeron chair from an authorized dealer?

Below we listed a few important points on why you should buy Aeron chair from an authorized dealer only.

- Reputable Company/Seller. Herman Miller itself carefully select companies to be an authorized Aeron chair dealer so you can be sure that you're buying your chair from a reputable company.

- Brand NEW Chair. You can be certain that you are buying a brand new and properly configured chair. Most sellers will label their chair as "brand new" even though it's only a refurbished chair or a chair they acquired through bankruptcy.

- Herman Miller 12-Year Warranty. ONLY authorized dealers can provide the Herman Miller 12-year warranty. Surely you'd want a warranty this long for a $600+ chair. FYI the warranty is NOT provided or transferred on used chair.

- Customer Service. If you ever need help or have any questions about your Aeron chair before and/or after you buy it you can easily contact them by phone and email. Buying from an individual or unauthorized sellers you can't be certain what kind of customer support you will receive or if you will receive any support at all.

Aeron Chair Authorized Dealers

Don't get SCAM! We recommend buying your Aeron chair from an authorized dealer! Below we listed the best authorized Aeron chair dealers online.

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