Health Benefits of the Aeron Chair

Ever wonder why the Aeron chair comes with a hefty price tag? Ever wonder why people go out of their way to purchase the Aeron chair even if it costs nearly a thousand dollars? The answer lies in the health benefits that this revolutionary product gives to its users which no other seating product can match. In fact, most critics have a hard time finding anything to complain about. So what are these health benefits? Here's a rundown of the things the Aeron chair can do for one's health:

1. Improves one's posture
The Aeron chair, thanks to the Posture Fit innovation developed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, lead designers, fills the space between the lower back and the chair. By doing so, the spine is aligned properly thereby improving one's posture. This world renowned product also has a feature called forward tilt which allows the user to position the chair to achieve the best computing posture.

2. Avoids body pain and fatigue
With the Pellicle Suspension System, the user need not suffer any pain due to pressure concentration in selected body parts unlike with regular chairs. The Pellicle Suspension System spreads pressure evenly guaranteeing that no body part bears the pressure of sitting alone. The design of the seat's edge, for example, removes pressure from your legs, particularly your thighs, allowing the user to feel as comfortable as possible even during long hours of sitting and computing.

3. Helps the user stay alert and focused
The Aeron chair, as mentioned earlier minimizes pressure points and prevents any pressure concentration on selected areas of the body alone. By doing so, it allows the blood to flow and circulate naturally resulting to improved awareness and focus for the user.

4. Improves morale
In the workplace, most employees would suffer from low morale thereby affecting their performance negatively. With the comfort and benefits that the Aeron chair offers, you are assured that your staff will be very productive and that staff retention will most likely improve. The Aeron chair will act like their energy booster or motivator by making them feel that they are valued by the company as evidenced by the price that the company had to pay for them to be comfortable in the workplace. Without the fatigue and body pains they get from regular chairs, your staff will be able to concentrate on their specific tasks.

5. Improves blood circulation
Since the Aeron chair minimizes pressure points, blood will most likely circulate more naturally to the various parts of one's body. Improved blood circulation can increase alertness and improve one's focus, prevent headaches and other inconveniences that may come with a faulty blood circulation which usually occurs in most chairs.

6. Allows the body to cool
With the Pellicle Suspension System which acts like a cushion but does a lot more, the body is allowed to cool particularly due to its woven design and material.

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