Aeron Chair Options

The Aeron Chair, manufactured by Herman Miller and designed by collaborators Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, is a breakthrough office chair designed with ideal ergonomic principles. Its main design is, in many ways, beneficial to office users because the chair provides support for the important impact areas that bear much of the brunt when the user remains seated for several hours regularly. This revolutionary office chair is currently a bestseller in the office furniture area, and this is because of the ergonomic design of the chair as well as its customizable options.

The Aeron Chair offers many options to its users in order to meet varying needs of diverse workplaces. The chair became highly recognized because of its three different size options, namely the A, the B, and the C sizes. The B size is the most standard size the company offers. It usually fits the average user best. The A size, on the other hand, fits smaller, lighter, and more petite frames. The C size, lastly, fits people with taller and heavier built. This means that anybody can fit perfectly into an Aeron Chair. Aside from that, the Aeron Chair also provides users with three base and frame combinations to choose from. The original Aeron Chair comes in a graphite frame combined with a graphite base. However, Herman Miller has now released an Aeron Chair with a titanium base and a smoke frame, as well as another with a graphite frame combined with a polished aluminum base.

Also, you can choose from various casters to fit the work area the chair will be used in. Aeron Chairs come with standard casters and soft casters. Standard casters are best for carpeted work areas while soft casters are more advisable for work areas with hardwood flooring. The casters for hardwood floors are coated with a soft rubber external material that provides traction even on smooth surfaces and to prevent the chair's movements from damaging the surface of the floor. On top of that, Herman Miller also offers casters designed specifically for work areas with deeper carpeting. The deep carpet casters are larger and more powerful so you can still easily move even with deep carpeting.

There are currently two Aeron Chair packages from Herman Miller, the Basic Aeron Chair and the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair, which provides an additional adjustable lumbar support. The Basic Aeron Chair only comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow attached to the chair, while the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair uses a special mechanism called the PostureFit. With this system, the chair snugly fits the back of the user with the gap between the chair and the user's back filled up and supported for better posture and greater comfort.

Aeron Chairs also come with various tilt mechanisms. There are three options when it comes to tilt mechanisms. The first is the fixed Aeron Chair, which does not have a Tilt Limiter. The chair is fixed in an upright position and cannot be tilted back. The second option is the Aeron Chair with Tilt Limiter. The special Herman Miller Tilt Limiter allows users to tilt back the chair. This system comes with a locking mechanism so that the recline of the chair will be limited. The third option is the Aeron Chair with Tilt Limiter and Forward Tilt. The Forward Tilt allows users to tilt the chair at an irregular forward angle.

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