Aeron Chair Repair

Usually, consumers would opt to fix their Aeron chairs on their own without first consulting the company or referring to the Aeron chair warranty information that comes with their purchase. Don't be like them, protect your investment and take advantage of warranties. Below is a list of frequently asked questions coupled with their answers to help you get by:

1. How do I repair my Aeron chair?
Here's the rule of thumb: NEVER attempt to do it on your own unless you are knowledgeable on the inner workings and mechanisms of the Aeron chair. Doing so, will most likely lead to your thousand dollars investment to become worthless in the end. Surely you don't want that huge a sum to not pay you back with long years of usage and comfort. To repair your Aeron chair, bring it to an authorized Aeron chair dealer and take advantage of the warranty coverage offered by the said company (usually 12 years). If, on the other hand, your chair has exceeded the warranty period and is therefore no longer eligible to avail of the free services of the said company, it would be best to still bring it to an authorized Aeron chair repair service and just pay for their services.

2. Can't I just pay someone else to do the repairing for me instead of an authorized dealer?
Bringing your defective or damaged Aeron chair to an authorized dealer may prove to be an inconvenience on your part. However, this is the only way to ensure that your Aeron chair will be repaired using original parts and will be handled by experts. The Aeron chair is not like other chairs since it has several features and operating mechanisms. Thus, only an expert in the inner workings of the Aeron chair can surely bring it back to tip top shape.

3. What should I do once my Aeron chair breaks down?
The Aeron chair is a highly durable product, so the possibility of it breaking down is very unlikely. If this happens, however, check the warranty label at the bottom of the chair. If its still covered by warranty bring it immediately to an authorized dealer. If your chair is no longer covered by warranty you can still get it repaired from an authorized Aeron chair repair service.

4. How long will it take for an Aeron chair to be fixed?
Repairing an Aeron chair may take several days since the dealer or the company will still have to deliver the damaged product to their plant. After which, the chair has to be evaluated for them to determine which parts to replace or keep. Certain parts and materials may still have to be procured or furnished specially for your chair. Though a neighborhood repairman can probably do it in less time, having your Aeron chair fixed by an expert is still the wisest choice.

5. Where can I find an authorized dealer?
CLICK HERE or check our right sidebar for a list of Aeron chair authorized dealer.

6. What if my Aeron chair is no longer covered by warranty?
You can send your broken Aeron chair to an authorized Aeron chair repair service and just pay for their services.