Aeron Chair Sizes

How are Aeron chairs different from other chairs? That's simple. Unlike other chairs, Aeron chairs do not attempt to accommodate everybody. Unlike most chairs that are either too high or low for you, the Aeron chair fits you and accommodates you whatever position you may assume. How? That's simple, too. The Aeron chair comes in three sizes. Size A is for small consumers, B for medium-sized users, and C for the heaviest. Which one's right for you? Follow these steps to help you determine the Aeron chair size that will not only support your height but will also give you enough leg room for additional comfort.

Aeron Chair Size Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Determine your height and weight.
First and foremost, you should know your height (in feet) and weight (in pounds). These will aid you in determining the right size for you especially if you refer to the size selection chart provided by Herman Miller, Inc. in their website.

Step 2: Refer to the size selection chart.

The size selection chart uses your height and weight data to determine the perfect size for you. The vertical axis contains the height while the horizontal axis contains various weights. All data provided in the size selection chart are even. Thus, if you weigh 110 pounds and are 5'2" tall, then you should purchase a size A Aeron chair. If, for example, you're 6'6" in height and weigh 250 pounds, then, you should choose a size C. As you can see, the size A is generally for small or light individuals as previously mentioned while size C is for tall or heavy people.

Step 3: Measure your overall upper leg length.
This step is just an added measure to ensure that you are choosing the correct size. However, if the size selection chart gives you a choice between two sizes (usually happens when your height falls between the values included in the size selection chart), it is a must that you go through this step. Use a tape measure to determine your upper leg length and convert to inches.

Step 4: Deduct three inches from the value obtained by measuring your upper leg length.
The value obtained by deducting three inches will be your seat selection size. For example, if your overall upper leg length is 19 inches, then, after deducting 3, you will have a seat selection size of 16 inches.

Step 5: Compare your seat selection size to the seat depth of the three sizes provided.
The seat depth that is nearest to your seat selection size is the right one for you. In the previous example of 16 inches, it's size A.

Picking the right Aeron chair size will not only help you get value for your money, it will also ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Do not attempt to pick any size out of the blue, since you'll be going against the very essence of the Aeron chair which is to fit its user and not the other way around.

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