Aeron Chair Warranty Details

Separate Warranty
Structural components and operating mechanisms including but not limited to frames, adjustable arms, pneumatic lifts, bases, shells, glides and casters are given a warranty of 12 years starting from the date of purchase.

Veneers and other forms of covering are provided with a 3-year warranty for workmanship defects only.

Warranty Specifics
Herman Miller. Inc. guarantees that its products are free from defects with respect to materials and workmanship from date of delivery up to the date of installation. The warranty provided for Aeron chairs are extended only to original purchasers who bought from the company directly or from its authorized dealers. Only the company and its authorized dealers may provide warranties for Aeron chairs, all others shall not be honored. Purchasing from an authorized dealer or reseller will guarantee that your Aeron chair is brand new, free from defects, installed according to company specifications and has a warranty label with a born-on date.

Natural disparities in wood, veneers are not considered as defects since the company des not guarantee that its chairs will retain the same color or shade over time. Special parts and materials requested by the purchaser which are not standard for Aeron chairs are not covered by the warranty.

The company's warranty for this type is limited to replace or repair services, depending on the company's choice, for products that prove to be defective within a year from date of purchase. For products that prove to be defective after a year, the company guarantees that it will furnish necessary repair parts. Upon availing of the warranty, purchaser may be required to present proof that he or she bought the Aeron chair from an authorized dealer and that it was installed according to the company's specifications. Warranty labels bearing the make and model, "born-on" date and factory order number can be found under the front lip of the seat pan. All Aeron chairs manufactured after January 25, 1999 are given a 12-year warranty for structural components and operating mechanisms. Products manufactured before the said date are covered only by a 10-year warranty so it is important to check the born-on date found in the warranty label.

Defective products should be returned to the company and will be returned to the purchaser at the company's expense after it is repaired at the company's plant. The company, however, shall not be liable for any inconvenience resulting from loss of time, and other damages.

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Broken Aeron Chair? No Warranty?

If you have a broken Aeron chair and you don't have a warranty you can still can get it repaired from an authorized Aeron chair repair service. CLICK HERE to learn more information on how to get your Aeron chair with no warranty repaired.

Make sure to read our Aeron chair warranty details above to make sure that your chair is really not covered by warranty.