Aeron Chairs on eBay

So you're looking to buy an Aeron chair from eBay? There's two things to consider...

Buying your chair from an individual or unauthorized Aeron chair eBay seller:
If you buy your chair from either an individual or unauthorized seller there's a good chance that the Herman Miller 12-year warranty is not included as the warranty is not provided or transferred on used product. The benefit is you might be able to save a few hundreds dollars buying from this sellers.

Buying your chair from an authorized Aeron chair eBay seller:
Buying your chair from an authorized Aeron chair eBay seller includes the Herman Miller 12-year warranty plus you can be certain that you are indeed buying a brand new chair and also you will receive customer support if you ever need it in the future. See below for a list of authorized Aeron chair eBay seller.

Buyer's Guide for Aeron chairs on eBay

Before you buy an Aeron chair from eBay we could recommended reading the brief buyer's guide below.

- Check sellers feedback. Make sure the seller has great reviews and positive feedback from previous buyers.
- Carefully read the auction description. There might be important things that you need to know.
- Used or Brand New? Find out. If it doesn't say on the description contact the seller.
- Find out if it includes the Herman Miller 12-year warranty (if you're buying from an authorized seller it should include the warranty).
- Make sure the seller will ship to your country. Also find out how the seller handles shipping and the cost of it.

Aeron Chairs eBay Auction

All Aeron chairs auction listed below are from eBay. This page is automatically updated with the most recent auctions from eBay so this page is ALWAYS up-to-date.

Please keep in mind that this are the most recent auction listed on eBay so they may be coming from either an individual, unauthorized, or authorized Aeron chair sellers. If you only want to buy from an authorized eBay seller see the authorized eBay Aeron chair sellers above.

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