Difference between Basic and Highly-Adjustable Aeron Chair

Thanks mostly to the generally positive response given to the Aeron Chair, Herman Miller currently produces two different models of the Aeron Chair. These models are the Basic Aeron Chair and the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair. Both chairs have individual benefits and limitations, though both are extremely beneficial and comfortable office chairs due to their basic ergonomic design. Here are some more information regarding the two types of Aeron Chair.

First, the Basic Aeron Chair is a simple office chair that provides all the promised benefits of Aeron Chair. It comes in a graphite finish for its base and frame as well as in three different sizes to fit various users. The chair uses the breathable and flexible mesh fabric which the Aeron Chair is known for. This fabric used in the Aeron Chair is called a Pellicle fabric, which ideally distributes the user's weight to reduce the brunt suffered by the person's lower back. The chair's arms are fixed, black armrests with special, non-upholstered pads in black. It also employs the Kinemat tilt which is part of the secret to the success of the Aeron Chair. This tilt system allows the body to pivot naturally and effortlessly without placing unnecessary pressure on the ankles, hips, and knees. This tilt tension system also has 103 different revolutions. However, another top reason why the Aeron Chair is highly popular is that it can be custom-fit to the user. The Basic Aeron Chair allows users to avail of the adjustable lumbar support system which is optional, another key aspect of the chair's popularly known ergonomic design. On top of that, the Basic Aeron Chair comes with a 5-star base. Users can also choose from hard floor casters, carpet casters, and deep carpet casters.

As for the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair, it contains most of the features that are also present in the Basic Aeron Chair including the Pellicle suspension system, the Kinemat tilt, and all its other benefits. However, the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair offers some additional features. While the basic version of the chair has fixed arms, the arms of the Highly Adjustable Aeron Chairs are fully adjustable. Also, aside from the lumbar support that can be added to the Basic Aeron Chair, this highly adjustable version allows users to avail of the special Aeron-marked PostureFit back support system. It also comes with a limiter to keep your backward and forward tilts under control.

Aside from the unique features of these two types of Aeron Chairs, all Aeron chairs come with common features and options. Both types of Aeron Chairs are available in various colors ranging around the black and grey color. These colors can be changed by choosing a different Pellicle. Currently, the chair comes in carbon, hematite, nickel, platinum, steel, lead, and pyrite colors. These color schemes are also designed to go well with the graphite base of the chair.

Other than choosing from the basic and highly adjustable Aeron Chair models, users or potential buyers should also choose one from the three different casters designed to adjust to any type of flooring. The availability of more than one caster definitely widens the functionality of the Aeron Chair. Learn more about the different types of Aeron chair options.

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